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The Importance of Environmental Management Systems for Aviation - Applicability and trends for airlines, airports, cargo facilities and GSPs
Today, sustainability has reached the top of the business agenda, increasing public pressure on the aviation industry and its environmental performance.
With an industry alignment on a Net Zero target by 2050, it is crucial for the industry to move together towards achieving this critical goal and look to other upcoming environmental challenges and how to tackle them.

Join us to discuss the role Airports and GSPs will have in improving the environmental sustainability of the industry.

Get firsthand information from IATA experts and the industry on how a robust environmental management system (EMS) can support your environmental performance.

In this webinar we will examine questions like:
- What are the main challenges that airports and GSPs are facing in regard to environmental sustainability?
- How can stakeholders improve their environmental sustainability performance?
- How can an Environmental Management System specific to the industry help your company improve its environmental sustainability performance?
- What are some best practices applied across the industry (i.e. the case of Air Canada)


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Jon Godson
Assistant Director Sustainability @IATA
Mohamed Haj Ali
Manager Environmental Processes & Programs @Air Canada
Oscar Leon
Project Manager, Environmental Sustainability Certification, @IATA